Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello blogging world!

Thanks for stopping in at this little blog of mine. I decided to start this blog because at some times I feel as if my life is a sitcom, and what better way to document it than this? I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years (yes, 7 years people), and am planning a wedding. The house we live in was a major flip and there are new projects coming up every day that I am attempting to tackle myself. I am also trying to become a domestic goddess to my poor fiance who is my taste tester and on top of all of that I am trying to figure out the world of photography. I am a lover of coffee, books, paint, jewelry, the outdoors, Wisconsin festivals, camping, mountain biking, drinking wine on my patio, my family, friends, and fiance.
I am a first grade teacher by day and all of the above at night. I love my job but am VERY excited that summer has begun so I can begin my adventure into the blogging world. 

Here is the future Mr. and I...Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Good luck on this blogging adventure!! You will do fabulous : )