Monday, June 3, 2013

Mish Mosh

Hello again!

This post is basically just a big mish mosh of all sorts of things.  It is sort of rambling...sort of long...sort of crazy....kind of like me. I warned you. 

As I may have mentioned N (the future Mr.) purchased a house about 2 and a half years ago with the intention of fixing it up. His requirements were basically a big garage...and that's it. He certainly was not picky about the actual home. SO he ended up with a MAJOR fixer upper. His dad and him did an amazing job of fixing it up (it was unlivable when he bought it) and it is now our cozy little home. Although we plan to sell it eventually to make some money and move into a different house, there are always projects I feel need to be tackled. For one, he is currently redoing the dungeon (aka basement). This includes a laundry room for me, so I am super stoked. More on that later! For another, when I moved in I had the intentions of painting all the trim white. Well I got to the master bedroom and that was that. Lastly, I've turned into a garbage picker and have been known to stop during a run to bring home something I believe could be made into some sort of decoration, or....something? are some things going on around here.

   This is the trim is all done at this point. Now if only we could do something about the gold hardware. Egh. The walls were also originally tan, and now are a very pretty gray. Smokehouse by Vaslpar to be exact. This picture was taken when it was pretty cloudy. 

This is further progress on the previously tan master bedroom. As you can see it is now gray, yellow, and blue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the curtains. The curtains, lamp base, shade, and mirror are all from Target. I'm on the fence about the mirror, there is one on N's side of the bed as well, I'm thinking maybe something bigger?? This is all from Target's Threshold line, which I am loving right now. If you haven't seen it yet you should most definitely check it out. It looks great and the prices aren't too shabby either.
Whole bedroom reveal to come later. I'll have to see if I can dig up a before picture. It's a little scary. 

This is what I found on the side of the road on my run today. I think it's part of an old fence. I'm a big chicken so I made N go knock on the door to ask if it was ok we took them. The question now remains...what to do with these little gems? I'm thinking wall decor of some kind...

This is my latest Pinterest project. Now my last name does not start with K yet. Seeing as it is on the horizon I  just couldn't resist. The mail lady told me she loves it. 

N attempted wings on the grill tonight. SO delish....I hate when he is better at cooking than me. Kidding. How could I complain about not doing the cooking and loving what he makes? 

If you still stuck around to this point. Thank you! 

p.s.-Three more days of school! I think I can.....

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