Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day Blues

Hello friends! 

So, tomorrow is my last day of school. I am, in fact, a first grade teacher and this would be the completion of my second year of teaching. It has definitely been a challenging two years, but I can say I honestly can't imagine my life anywhere else. I mean who else can say they are excited to go to work every day? I'm going to guess not many people...

So are my top ten milestones and lessons from this year.

1. We made it through the year without a lice outbreak (woo hoo!)
2. I learned the challenge of losing a student and gaining a student in the middle of the year
3. I brought home copious amounts of owl artwork (we have an owl themed room). Pictures, coffee cups, sock owls, tree bark owls, rock owls, etc. etc.
4. I lost all sense of gracefulness at a skating rink field trip---but learned that first graders will still love you. Even when you run over their little tiny fingers. Twice. Oops.
5. I learned some interesting rhyming words for the chunk -it and -ike. Only if you are a first grade teacher can you fathom this. 
6. I lost some hair. Some kids ate it. No big. 
7. I learned that I will never be a backwards tight rope walker (long story).
8. I made it the whole school year without getting the three B's on me. Blood, barf, boogers. Mind you I encountered these often, but I never got them ON me. Unlike last year. 
9. My sanity is still intact and I still feel excited about my career.
10. I fell in love with 21 more little cuties that I now have to say goodbye to tomorrow ): 

This year I made my students an end of the year picture video. I thought it would be fairly easy. I just dragged my pictures into Microsoft Movie Maker and put in a couple of songs. I used two Jack Johnson songs courtesy of Cara over at The First Grade Parade. That was before my school computer went crazy and I found out my home computer does not burn DVD's. all turned out fine and I'm anticipating some laughs and tears tomorrow when we watch it.

With the end of the year also comes many good things. Like summer, and presents, and more time to blog and catch up on my favorite blogs. There is also, of course, the ominous house that insists I tackle many different projects all at once without finishing. You know, that one. Oh then there's a wedding to plan as well so this summer will consists of LOTS of that! I am many things but a procrastinator I am not so the wedding will probably be done and planned by the end of the summer leaving me ten blissful months of relaxation. That's how it works doesn't it? (: 

FYI: I am also venturing into the world of Teachers Pay Teachers so if anyone is interested you can find my store link on the left. I'll probably spend some time working on that as well.

Suddenly my summer became very busy. 

Here's to another great year and a great summer to come!
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