Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mack Attack

This is a real quick blog update about my fur baby, Mack. His nicknames remain numerous and the list continues to get longer. My mom has decided to call him Murphy Mack and N has taken to calling him Machiavelli. So day in and day out he is probably pretty confused. This does not help my attempt in training him into a nice, smart boxer baby. 

Speaking of...nobody every told me how very difficult this dog training would be. I had a little yorkie poo when I was growing up, but my parents took over the training. I guess I was too young to remember much of that because holy cow is it difficult. I get so frustrated when he has an accident in the house or doesn't come right when I call his name. I know he's only 12 weeks but I feel like this should be going more smoothly. 

He is definitely a lover, a cuddler, a kisser, and a big mush bag which I am LOVING and tends to make up for it all. So instead of babbling about how much he has made his way into our hearts and how freakin' adorable he is I am going to let my pictures show you. These are only the ones I had from my phone but I will have more to come in the future using my actual camera (: 

Many and most things get stuck in his big saggy lips. Including ping pong balls which are his favorite. 
For some reason he loves to get my swimming suits out of the laundry. I found him stuck in one the other day. Look at that look of guilt!

His favorite place to sleep is on someone. Anyone. My legs are usually his best bet because they're always around. 

He's getting so big!!

I love his crinkly face.

His aunt sure loves him too. What a big baby. 

Until next time!
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