Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today's blog post is all about tootin' my own horn. Well, my states horn and the wonderful things about it's-horn (?).  Anyway, perusing Facebook the other day one of my dear friends posted an article on 7 Reasons You Should Date a Wisconsin Woman. Take a minute and read it, it's pretty funny. Now, there have been many times where I have hated this state, threatened to move, came very close to moving, and obviously ended up staying. All in all, I truly love it here. I mean, who can complain about all four seasons, festivals galore, and breweries up the ying yang?

 That being said, I thought I would contribute my own few things as to why you should definitely date the awesome women of Wisconsin. Any single men out there? I have some pretty great girls for ya (: 

1. We can tailgate like none other. The Green Bay Packers are our love, and when there is a noon game you can be certain to find us at the bar by 8:00 am getting ready to board a bus loaded with free beer and driving to Lambeau to tailgate with more beer. Once there we will inevitably spend $7 on another beer...and another...and another. Then head back to the bus and finish off said free beer. 

2. We can dress for all weather. In the last two weeks we went from 92 degree temperatures to a low of below 50 degree temperatures. Yes. It is true. We have no problem switching from shorts, tanks, and sundresses to gloves, sweatshirts, and knit hats. Just a typical week. 

3. We can get our cars out of anything. There have been an innumerable amount of times when my car has gotten stuck, a friends car has gotten stuck, or a strangers car has gotten stuck. The snow here is no joke so you would think we all owned four wheel drive vehicles..not the case. Anyway, whether it be a team of people pushing, throwing some cereal under the tires (yes that happened) or having a strange man tow you out of a snowbank, we can free those cars of anything. 

4. We love breweries. Whether it be the Miller Lite Brewery in Milwaukee, the Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa falls, or one of the numerous microbreweries around the area (my personal favorite) we're always up for a good brewery. 

5. We can eat. Don't expect a cheap date from a Wisconsin woman. We will not be ordering a salad or a salmon and eating two bites. Especially not this girl. Give me a dark beer, a big burger or some deep friend bar food and I'll be happy. Hey, why not? That's why we work out. 

6. We love the outdoors. Whether it be ice fishing, camping, hiking, or biking I would bet that any Wisconsin woman you meet loves the outdoors. I love all things outdoorsy and try to spend as much time outside as I can. 

That's all I have for now. I'm sure there are many more reasons to date a Wisconsin woman, but I will let the article do the rest of the talking. Cheers!
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