Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AND we're off...

Hello ladies and gents, we're off again! After my nice long hiatus, apology post because of said hiatus, and continued hiatus I am finally and hopefully permanently back. 
 Let's just say this school year has been a real doozy...as has wedding planning, dog training, and basement finishing. That is all a whole different story and a whole 'nother blog post. Until I decide to catch you up on all those crazy things I'm going to share with you a couple of updates courtesy of my iPhone. These are in absolutely no particular order...
We did a couple of food tastings for the wedding. Let me just say that food tasting is the absolute best thing there is about planning a wedding. Free food! Free wine! Schmoozing! It was just fabulous....this place happens to be the one we went with. If you love food like me you are now drooling on your keyboard.

Mack has been walking around the house like he owns the place. He's going pretty nuts, even for his standards, because of the negative 900 degree temperature here in Wisco. Seeing as he is used to two walks a day, you can now understand the forlorn look in his eyes as he stares out the window.

We went to Vegas for my birthday in August! It was also my younger sister's birthday (which we share, just four years apart) and the whole fam was there. Somehow I didn't get many pictures...but what is Vegas without a picture of the Bellagio?

In early December we went Chicago with two of our closest friends. Forgive the blurry picture, but it was frigidly cold this day. Typical. They hadn't been there before so we did lots of typical touristy things, which I love, and ate TONS of great food. We live about 3 hours from Chicago so we try to make a weekend trip there at least once a year. Winter is my favorite time to go. 

Until next time I will be continuing the wedding planning (who knew there were so many decisions 5 months away???) and trying to tame a wild pooch and fiance. Ha...just kidding about the latter. Maybe.

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