Monday, December 21, 2015

Fa la la la la

I am a lover of everything Christmas. Everything.
So imagine my distress when I knew we would be in the midst of a home renovation when I should be decorating, baking, and singing along happily to Christmas music. Thankfully, we are near the end, right as Christmas approaches. The couch came, the stove came, the floor is almost done. I'm trying to get N to relax for awhile so we can enjoy the holiday at least for a little while. The trim can wait and the carpet will get ordered-some day.
I got the tree and decorated the small bit I can. Nick is husband of the year-really. He has done everything I asked. Hang a giant wreath on our 100 year old house. Done. Get me a real tree and move it around as you do the floors. Done. Let me blast Christmas music when you and your dad are working. Done.
This will be our last Christmas as a family of three and if I have anything to say about it Nick, Mack, and I will be soaking up every moment for next year our lives will be much different. There's just something about Christmas that makes you love everyone and everything around you. Or that's just the pregnancy hormones. Who knows, either way I'm happy about it.

Said wreath being put up as the sun went down...and some unruly bushes.
Classic tree picture. In the dark. With an iPhone.
Mack being very excited about the new couch, especially the pillows.

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