Thursday, June 27, 2013


'Ello friends. Today I am sharing my VERY FIRST EVER FURNITURE PAINTING PROJECT. That apparently seemed like it warranted all capital letters. It is pretty exciting ya know. So I have this thing...I'm not sure what you call it... a buffet, a banquet, a b-something.  I call it the wooden thing in the hall with a radio on it before the bedroom. Anyway it was all beat up and just plain old ugly so I decided I would attempt to paint it and make it more exciting. 

A little background here...N moved into this house and flipped it with his dad. I was working my way through my senior year of college at this point and was student teaching so I basically stayed as far away as I could from all the work, demolition, and painting. That being said I did not have an opinion on anything that went into the house, so it ended up many shades of tan. 50 shades to be exact. Just kidding, bad joke I know. 

So when I moved into N's home I knew I had to throw lots and lots of color in there. That is exactly what I did...with pillows and curtains and decorations of all sorts. Now it is time to move on to the furniture and bigger items. 

This is how the beauty began...without the drawers, which are wicker. I wish I would've gotten a picture with them in because they had REALLY ugly pulls on them. Darn it. Hard to tell but it is kind of scratchy on the top, other than that it was in good shape.

This all occurred when N was gone fishing all day so it was done very slowly and leisurely as I had a book, a glass of Riesling, and some show tunes present with me. 

This is the paint I used...soooo pretty. It is called Bayou by Valspar. Obviously if you pay attention to the background I am in Packer country. Is anyone else as excited for football season as I am ????

Then of course I moved on to the painting. Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later, it was drying as the sun went down. This is a picture of it with primer. Needless to say I am not a clean painter and paint ended up being everywhere. Apparently my strategically placed grocery bags weren't very useful...

My next job was to find the perfect knobs, which I did so at World Market of course. Favorite store ever. They had SO many cute options, but with the blue I thought this antique clear knob would look good. Lone behold about two weeks later I finally drilled them in there and now it is finished and back where it belongs. 

I just love those knobs. 

I couldn't decide what to do with the wicker. I knew painting it "Bayou" would not be good so my only other clever idea was to leave them be. I did not provide a full picture of the buffet, banquet....thing...because I don't have anything good on there or on the wall above it. That will have to come later. 

All in all I think it turned out well. It bring the blue/turquoise tones from the living room into this wall/hallway area. For my first time I would call it a success. N thought I was amazing. Ha. Oh I love his enthusiasm. 

On to other news...N made guacamole for supper tonight, so I am off to indulge. Yes we often eat just guacamole for dinner. Don't judge.

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  1. Grr I wish I could do things like this! Tiny little NYC apartments don't really work out well. And neither does picking up furniture from flea markets. My DIY inspired heart hates that about living here. The table looks great!