Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My World Market Mission

Today I will tell you about one of greatest loves and my greatest weaknesses. This place right here...

I love nothing more than to roam around World Market aimlessly throwing items into my cart. There are very few things at this place that I would not put into my own home. Those that know me will also tell you that I have a big shopping problem. I tend to use retail therapy quite often. Whether in need of it or not. Now a days, I do attempt to stay on a budget, N will tell you the opposite, but really I do try. That being said, I try not to go here too often. 

My recent summer bucket list, which I now feel the desperate need to finish--like, now--says that I need a chair for the barren corner. The barren corner is just what it says. This random corner in the living room we don't know what to do with. I'm thinking a cool chair and this lamp that I looooove could go there and it would make a cute reading area. 

Desiree Metal Bell Pendant Lamp

The inside is painted this turquoise-ish color that would go BEYOND perfectly with the curtains and pillows in the living room. I love it. It's cuter in person. So now the mission is on for a PERFECT chair. Which has not been an easy task. I'm all for free or repurposed, but nothing has come up that would work. That is how I began my World Market Mission. 

First of all I went there for some knobs for this buffet I painted blueish (that's a later blog post) , then I decided there had to be the perfect chair there. 

I found this which would be pretty good, love the shape, not so much the color of the leather. Doesn't really go with the comfy feel I got going in the living room. 

This one looked good but I'm pretty sure it is the wrong blue for the living room,  and would also clash with the buffet I painted. Although I really like the shape and the material, it was a very soft velvety type thing. 

I perused the dining room chairs, hoping one would look like a comfy reading luck. I made about 17 laps to see if I missed luck. I sat in these chairs to see if I would fall in love with the luck. 

So I did the next best thing and went online shopping in my pj's. Yay! I found a couple of loves.

This is the first...and IT. IS. ON. SALE!!!!!! The description says it is midnight blue, which would work, but I really would have to see it in person to know for that's a bummer.

Midnight Blue Microsuede Luxe Chair Slipcover

I absolutely love the shape of this one, but again, the colors is nutmeg. What does that even mean??? Maybe they have it in another store I could look at....because that could be possible. It also comes in peacock blue, but I've seen that and it does not work. No siree. 

Nutmeg Elliott Wingback Chair

LASTLY....I have my top runner. It is a dark brown which would work in the living room, it looks like it is a comfy fabric, and I could for sure see myself curling up in that baby and reading my night away. 

Chocolate Victoria Velvet Tufted High-Back Chair

Now to decide....although these are all pretty expensive. Sorry World Market, but I might have to search the market for some cheaper knock offs.   ):   

Usually I'm a great impulse buyer and can decide on a dime, bring my purchases home, and I  usually love them. Not so much. I keep seeing N's face when I come home with a $400 chair. EEEK! 

Hmmm....I guess I'm off to bargain shop.


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