Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I realize there has been some kind of hiatus going on here. I promised myself when I started this blog I would write every day, and if I skipped one, I would make up for it. Well then life began and summer school started and it finally got warmer and I got lazy and this, this, and that. So forget those excuses, here we go. This is what I have been up to...

I have been attempting a run at domestic goddess.....Exhibit A: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread...this actually ended up very good. N loved it, I loved it, and really that's all that matters. On a side note, really brown bananas thawed after being frozen for a couple weeks are NASTY NAST!!

Exhibit B: I also attempted Cara's Crock Pot Baja Pork Tacos. I love absolutely everything she does, these were no exception. It made A LOT of tacos and N has been eating them for like two weeks straight, he can't get enough. Generally I don't like pork, but in taco form ANYTHING is good. I mean ANYTHING...

These are random pictures of the ingredients, and the green chiles and spices mixture that looks like baby puke...I'm not used to this take-pictures-for-the-blog-so-all-can-see kind of thing, so this is what I got.

Recently we spent a fun Sunday evening with two of our best friends for---no brainer---Mexican. Our fave. N got a gigantic margarita that also included a Corona. Wahoo! If that ain't a Sunday Funday for ya I don't know what is. 

Other than that my life has been a stream of arts and crafts (summer school), hanging out with my sweeties (niece and nephew), taking naps (don't tell N), and thinking about all the projects I should be getting done but in face am not getting done. 

I did finish this baby though...when I get around to taking a picture I will share that. It went from being brown, scratchy, and drab, to fabulously blue. This is the process one Saturday when I was left home alone. Riesling and show tunes got in the way of my picture taking before it got too late. 

This was not part of my summer bucket I basically just wasted a whole lot of time on something that didn't really need to get done. Story of my life. Boo. 

That is all for today, I promise I will be back tomorrow. Although tomorrow is fun Thursday. More on that another day. 

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