Friday, March 21, 2014

Angel or Devil?

I love my baby Mack, really I do. He's a good kid. He likes to snuggle me when N isn't home, he's a great workout buddy, and he's always there to listen to my wonderful voice belting it out to Defying Gravity. But sometimes I'm not sure if he's more of an angel or devil. 

For one thing...
N came home to this after his very first (and now only) day out of his normal kitchen quarantine. What a little devil. He only managed to defluff one pillow...but if that would've been the couch. Oh boy. Look at him sit there and try to look all innocent and cute like. 

But then...
He snuggles up with me after a long day of doggy day care and I can't help but love his little floppy angel face. 

It's hard to decide when he does the things he does, but the good obviously outweighs the naughty. In the end, I love that big goon to death and he really has completed our happy little family. It's like he's our child. If you know anyone out there with a boxer, or have one yourself...I'm sure you can completely relate. Don't we even look alike??


Just call me the crazy dog lady. I leave you with tell met his doesn't just make your Friday better...

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Think Spring everyone.

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