Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Check it off!

So since our wedding is in exactly 3 months and two days away there are TONS of things that need to be checked off the list...like asap. Nothing makes me happier than checking things off of lists. Being a teacher, lists basically run my life. I constantly have a list of copies to be made, parents to contact, students to meet with. I have to say my wedding checklist has been my favorite so far...

One thing we accomplished on Monday was selecting the tuxes. I wanted to go with a tan since the reception will be in a barn. N had always imagined himself being married in a classic black tux. Since I thought it was so darn cute that he imagined that I had to give him what he wanted. This is the general idea:

Groomsmen's look: no jacket, just a black vest with a white shirt (with purple tie instead)
The tie will be black. He will be wearing a suit coat in church and take it off after that. The groomsmen and ushers will all look similar to that guy up there. Seriously CAN NOT wait to see that guy at the end of the isle. He really cleans up nice. Trust me on that one. 

I also received this very exciting package: 

If you aren't familiar with The Yellow Peony on Etsy I highly suggest checking them out. Look how darling just the packaging is! Plus I really liked how their pictures are on actual people that used the products rather than mannequins (creepy). Oh yeah...and inside here is one of the many veil choices I can't decide on. Ugh. It's beautiful by the way, but cathedral length keeps popping up in my dreams. Yes I dream about veils. 

Lastly, our invitations came in and are another beautiful thing I selected. They are from Minted. Another place I highly recommend. SO easy to work with and customize your invitations to fit you style. They also gave me options after they sent me my digital proof, which I thought was extremely generous. I went with a gold foil pressed invitation. After many weeks of going back and forth I wanted something simple and classic. They're great if I do say so myself.

It seems like there is a constant to do list in my head that I should be doing, but actually am not doing. I've decided to take on the attitude that "Hey, everything will get done! No need to stress now!" I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I have a feeling the 2 month mark will be nuts. Absolutely crazy. 

Bring it on. 
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