Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beating the Blues

I know everyone is thinking this...but when is summer coming?!?!?

This has honestly been the endless winter. N and I were just discussing why we put up with this snow, drizzle, frigid, wintry mix crap every year. We still have no idea. Anyways, like most of the country I'm really feeling the blues this time of year. SO ready for some warm sunny weather that should be here...but isn't. In order to combat these signs of sadness I've been immersing myself in all new sorts of things to keep me busy and keep my mind on something other than my heating bill. 

1. Marriage prep class, FOCUS couples, wedding bands, invitations, check, check, check. This one is a no brainer. Obviously we have tons of wedding oriented items to keep us busy this time of year. We are now under 3 months away. Yipeeeeee!!!

These shirts were from our 8 hour marriage prep class. Long day, but worth it, and who doesn't love a free t-shirt??

2. Making homemade cleaners. Definitely something I never thought I would try. I'm a more of the easy way out kind of gal. My wallet has been arguing about that and I decided to pick up a load of supplies that would help me make cleaners should I feel the need. I pretty much just Google what I want to clean and some sort of homemade recipe comes up. So far I would not suggest cleaning your floors with this mixture down below...no good. Streaky, stinky, not worth your time. As far as the dishwasher soap goes...I'm still up in the air about that one. 

I really hope this starts to pan out in my favor, because what on earth am I going to do with all of this stuff!!! This is probably half of my inventory. 

3. Thinking of new and exciting ways to exhaust Mack. So far we've done runs in the rain, runs in the sleet, runs in the snow, dog park skating rink, and day care. This is after his favorite, doggy day care. It's like he's in a coma after day care! It's crazy! And of course he has to lay in this chair because it's in the room N has dubbed "mine" and I'm the favorite (: 

4. Cooking. Something I am definitely not the best at but enjoy doing. Some people say cooking can be relaxing, which I really disagree with. I find it kind of stressful, but fun stressful. I usually do something wrong, but it still comes out edible. I made these ridiculously easy BBQ Joes I found from the Mix and Match Mama for dinner last week. N of course loved them because he loves anything meaty and saucy. Mine look really sad compared to hers so I'm not going to show you a picture. BUT I will show you what I hope to try next from her. These! I can only pray that mine come out looking like this...but anything that involves a slow cooker, I'm in. We (Nick and I) also love anything with a Mexican flair.

And because you can't end a list at number 4...

5. Staying positive. Choosing joy.
Yes it can!

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