Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nook nookie

Today I need to give some nookie to my favorite thing I own...my Nook by Barnes and Noble. No obviously this is not a sponsored post...do you see any sponsors? I certainly do not. I just really love this guy. Yes those chew marks in the corner are Mack's...that's a whole different story. 

I am not one to give advice because honestly, I am really still trying to figure out what I'm doing day to day. I mean sometimes I feel "Heeey, got you figured out life!" and the next I'm drowning in laundry with something burning in the oven and Mack peeing on my pillow. That being said, I can honestly say I would suggest to everyone in the world to invest in a Nook. Or a Kindle, or whatever else there is that you can read stuff on. Especially if you are an avid reader like me. I was very against it at first because I love my books, I read them several times, I keep them all neatly organized, I just like seeing them. N bought me a Nook for my birthday three years ago and I would honestly never go back. 

One reason is that the books are so much cheaper! Especially if you keep on the look out day to day you can get great books for like $3 to $5! Amazing! I mean the amount of money I used to be spending at B&N was unreal...like unreal. 

Secondly, you can preview ANY book you WANT! You don't have to go to B&N and sit there for 5 and a half hours looking through books and deciding whether to buy them. You click preview, it downloads, you read a few pages, boom you can buy it it you want. Love it. 

Third, my niece and nephew love it. They have children's books on there that will read it TO them. So while I'm putting them to bed I can snooze away while Mr. Nook reads the story about how an elephant got it's trunk. Ha. Kidding about that part. Really though, the ways it can be used in the classroom or with children are endless.

Last, I can read as many books as I can possibly manage one after the other right on the spot. I have been known to go missing after school hiding with my Nook and a glass of wine. Sometimes it takes N awhile to find me. Mack can usually sniff me out. Either way its a great way to escape and relax without my men for one hot second and I can burn through those suckers like nobody's business. 

Now to tell you all about the amazing books I've read thus far would take honestly way more than one blog post and I can't really say anyone would care either way. I will leave you with one of my recent favorites that is not very well known but incredibly worth your time. I can't seem to get it out of my head, here she is:

Great read I tell ya. 

So...if that preaching isn't enough for you I don't know what is. Believe me or not, this is worth your dollar. 

AND what is a blog post without a cute Mack pic...here he is pretending to be a human in his new favorite chair. What a crazy kid. 

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