Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back Again

Back again with a new and profound plan to dedicate myself to actually writing on my blog. There are so many amazing blogs that I read each day and I always think, "I can do that!" so here we are. 

Here's a general update so I can continue on in the future without confusion...

1. Happily married for 9 months! NINE MONTHS! Can't believe it. Here...I even have proof: 

What joy that day was...

1a. Honeymoon. Playa del Carmen. Take me back. 

2. Still truckin' away at the old teaching gig. Four years in and I think I may be doing some things right.

3. Taking many grad classes to advance aforementioned career which leads to homework and many a Saturday spent at school. It will all be worth it in the end. Right?

4. House for sale, check. New house to live in, nope. Still working on that but it sure is fun having the house EXTREMELY clean pretty much all the time so we are always ready for a showing! If any one knows of this exact house in our exact location desired at our exact price point..hit me up. Ha. Oh yes and N requests it be on 5 acres. And a goose that lays golden eggs.

Eplans Craftsman House Plan - Glorious Farmhouse - 2490 Square Feet and 4 Bedrooms from Eplans - House Plan Code HWEPL09758
Thank you Pinterest for the completely unrealistic expectations I now have. 

5. Mack. Just...Mack. Still as crazy as ever. 


6. I have ventured into making Mack homemade dog treats. After the first attempt was left on the counter and he ate every single one in .2 seconds I would say they were a success. So much the I would make them all the time, not so much. 

7. Nick and I's search for the best bloody continues on. This one we found in Milwaukee had AAAAAmazing condiments...the actual bloody wasn't so hot. Just my opinion. It sure looks awesome though! 


8. I have been totally Netflix binge-ing on Friends lately. It is truly just as funny the 10th time you see an episode as the 1st...especially because usually I finally realize what happened and why, much to the entertainment of my expert Friends quoting sister.

8 Is my favorite number, so I am going to stop there so I possibly have some future material. 

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