Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As everyone knows, Pinterest is great for a myriad of different things. I search it for any and all reasons necessary and have quite an obsession. Lately, I've been in a wardrobe funk. Not that I have nothing to wear because I actually have an overflowing closet full of things to wear but I "feel" like I have nothing to wear. True, the outfits I usually love most are ones that are put together on the fly, but my OCD mind really likes to at least have a plan before I go to bed. Enter...Pinterest. The Women's Fashion boards have so many awesome outfits and great ideas. Not only does it give me ideas to do with clothes I already own, put together in ways I never thought of, but when the incredibly strange Spring weather of Wisconsin comes around-it gives me some great ideas of staples to buy. For Spring specifically there are three top items I could NOT stop thinking about so obviously I had to buy them. In Wisconsin it will literally be 66 one day, 46 the next. So clothes set up for a good transition are an absolute must, especially when it comes to layering. The weather does not only change day to day, but hour to hour. These are my top choices that never left my brain and for this Spring at least, will hopefully never leave my cloest. 

1. Army green layers-vest, jacket, whatever. I found a coat I LOVE at Banana Republic but am trying to think about it before spending that amount of money. I am going to have a very hard time not buying it. Here's the "pinsperation."

Spring / Summer - round neck stripped summer dress + olive green utility vest + brown clutch + golden bracelets

Fall weather layering with gray long sleeve and green army vest // Twenties Girl Style

SUMMER/FALL: black leggings, stripped shirt, green jackets, leopard shoes, bold necklace, and white bag.

Banana RepublicAnd here's the one I LOOOVE from Banana Republic

2. White Converse Sneaks. It took me awhile to talk N into this one. I showed him several options, all of which he thought looked like the Keds that used to be popular when we were in high school. Ha. Anyways, you can't please them all, so buy them I did (just today actually). Mainly because of these pretty ladies and how well they styled them. 

White v-neck, dark denim & a plaid shirt tied around the waist #style #fashion #casual

White Converse, Jeans rolled up, long sleeved White Top sleeves rolled up and a Scarf to add colour at the top.

boyfriend skinny jeans, converse, white t-shirt and gray sweater. Every day.

3. Denim. This one is quite broad because really I couldn't narrow it down to one denim item I was really lusting over. I've been really wanting a denim vest, but the only one I've found around here was way too short for this long legged lady. I also found this last year...

Denim hoodie- not something i would normally wear but super cute!
...which is no longer at American Eagle. I love it, I just need to figure out what to wear with it. I've also found a denim jacket I love, but am still on the fence since I have a trusty denim jacket. Does one need more than one denim jacket? Also denim button up shirt...love, can't find one long enough that fits well. Ay. 

leopard flats + denim jacket + graphic tee + black ankle pants

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist - I would love a denim vest and black (or cute print maxi) in my next fix.  Would be great for weekends and work.

Denim jacket. Wish I knew the brand

There are many, many things to find on Pinterest, fashion may be one of my favorites. Thank goodness there are so many people out there that are ONE MILLION times more talented at putting outfits together than myself.

Until next time, 
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