Thursday, December 3, 2015

All the New Things

There are so many new things going on in my life it's hard to even begin. 

First of all... blogging. Actually blogging regularly. That is the goal at least. 

Second, we bought a house last summer. We have currently been in our "new" old house for about four months. Four months of construction, dust, paint and stress. It's a beautiful farmhouse on about 2 acres of land that badly needed some updating. Good bones, bad taste. The first floor is pretty close to being done. Our goal was to finish before Christmas so we could actually enjoy the holidays. Knock on wood I think that might actually happen! Then comes the second floor. Ay. The right is just a preview of what we have been living with and doing. 
Third, I'm pregnant! We are expecting the first of the Kitzman clan to show up around mid May. Talk about good timing. I'll have all summer off with little bean baby. We find out the gender December 29th and I CAN NOT WAIT. Being in the second trimester, I'm still waiting for my blast of energy everyone keeps telling me about. Right now I could literally sleep about 14 hours a night and still take a nap. Other than that, no complaints. Just waiting for the bump to show so I don't look like I ate too many tacos on Tuesday. 

Last, Mack is still Mack. Living in seventh heaven with all his yard to run in, pigeons to chase, and smells to sniff out. He has remained my constant source of humor throughout these crazy few months. 

Until next time...

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