Friday, December 4, 2015

Progress...Floating Shelves

So I am not one for tutorials on DIY things that have to do with the house, because really I just watch as Nick does the work. I will take credit for the ideas though. After seeing SO many floating shelf ideas on Pinterest lately I knew our kitchen had to have them. The kitchen isn't huge, but is plenty big for us. There were LOTS of cupboards for the two of us, given the size. Because of this I was able to convince Nick to take out the two end cupboards, put the subway tile backsplash all the way up the wall, and install floating shelves. Trust me, it took some convincing. That man is a better safe than sorry type of guy. 

The cupboards have been out and painted, and the backsplash has been up and grouted and we are finally putting in the shelves. Originally we bought black pipe from Home Depot for the project, which is surprisingly a little pricey. Not only that, Nick being the perfectionist he is didn't like how they wouldn't be COMPLETELY square when the wood was put on. He also didn't want to put all those holes in the tile. I agreed, and also kind of felt done with the black pipe thing. We've been there, done that, moved on. 

Anyways, I saw this blog and knew this was the answer. I immediately ordered from IKEA and was thrilled. They really look great and I'm so happy I went with a more simple look than the black pipe which is kind of in your face. We ended up basically doing it exactly like the smarties at Lemon Thistle. Two cedar boards cut to fit the cabinet space. They fit into the brackets perfectly and my word do the look marvelous. 

The only picture I have currently is of the progress last many tools, so little time. I am obsessively shopping for the perfect things to place on the shelves but am so excited to take pictures when that's done. I plan to finish that this weekend so I can stare at them in happiness. No that vent is not staying there. It is waiting to be installed.

Also note...Mack sleeping in the back, next to our undecorated tree, on his bed, on sub floors. Ay. 
So much left to do...


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