Monday, December 14, 2015

Mack Sleeps

Mack is crazy energetic.
As is the case for all boxers, but I just feel like he is more so than his canine friends. He can run for hours without so much as a cat nap and will not dare shut an eye if we are doing any sort of fun activity without him.
There are rare occasions when he has a fun filled weekend that he sleeps. Albeit, he sleeps with one eye open and will pop up at the slightest inclination Nick or I is leaving the room. He is a cute sleeper, and that is one of the only times I can get a good picture of him because he is calm and still. His goofy boxer personality certainly comes out when he crashes, as you will see. This brings me to my series of pictures proving that my little love certainly does sleep. Proof.


 photo shea-sig_zps5668d961.png

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