Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nursery Inspiration

I am NOT a procrastinator.

I'm pretty sure my body physically cannot sit around and not get things done when they need to. This is very useful when being a teacher or when redoing a home, but frustrating when having a child.

I really want to get this show on the road. So while I sit in limbo patiently waiting to have baby K I have to keep busy getting things ready in my brain. One of my biggest areas I really want to do and have finished is the nursery. It will not necessarily be pink or blue but I really think knowing the sex of the baby will put everything into perspective and I'll just suddenly know exactly how I want to decorate it. This brings me to Pinterest, one of the many places that makes my heart happy. I chose my top five nurseries that I pinned and will hopefully be able to go from there, whether its a boy or a girl. December 29th can't come soon enough.

1/ Via Apartment Therapy
I love the dark wall with the water color. I think it could definitely go boy or girl. This is the room that keeps popping up in my mind when I think of the nursery. Not too baby-ish.
Eliza's Eclectic Glam Nursery / Bedroom - mono - white floor - colour (pink, blue, yellow) - rug - pattern - light - art:

2/ Via Project Nursery
Again, a darker wall. I think the rug really sold me on this one. Now if only I knew how to paint birch trees...
This fox-themed nursery features a chalkboard accent wall and a southwest-inspired rug that we just adore! Nursery Love! {Pick from PN's own Lauren}:

3/ Via
This kind of screams baby girl to me so if that is the gender, this may be the direction. I love the light fixture and the wallpaper. Again, cute but not babyish.

4/ Via Project Nursery
So this one kind of screams boy, so again, if that is the gender this may be the direction. I like the accent wall and see how Nick could totally pull that off. The big fluffy rug is cool to.
Gray and Navy Nursery with Metallic Wood Wall - we love this take on a wood accent wall. So chic!:

5/ Via MiniStyleBlog
I don't love this room as a whole, but there are many elements that I love. The stool and the crib are cute, but the wallpaper is a little too much. The link takes you to the whole room tour, which again I love, but am not completely sold on.
A modern nursery: Room Tour @HeatherWinnBowman — mini style.:

So there you have it. There are elements in each I recognize that I definitely want to incorporate. Bringing it all together, now that will be the challenge. Now to get Nick on board to do some serious DIY in the next 5 months...

Unit next time,
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